Santorini Ring


$ 55.00

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Stamped with a series of dots along center seam. Each piece will vary due to the handmade process and availability of materials. However, your piece will be similar to the one pictured. 
The Santorini Ring is named for the volcanic caldera located in the Aegean Sea. Responsible for the destruction of the Minoan civilization, the caldera is emblematic of natural creative and destructive cycles.

5-12 (including half sizes) TIP: For this design, size up 1/4 - 3/4 size, depending on individual finger swelling potential. Increase size up ratio as the desired height of ring increases.
*Please measure your finger before ordering this ring, as it cannot be returned or exchanged if the size ordered does not fit properly.

Hammered copper or sterling silver with matte black finish


Powder Coat: The Matte Black Powder Coat finish will naturally change over time. Part of the beauty of this kind of finish is its slow erosion depending on your lifestyle and individual body chemistry.

Finish Maintenance: If you prefer to maintain the matte finish, avoid using oily hand creams while wearing the jewelry, always remove it before going to sleep, avoid submerging the jewelry in water, and keep in storage box when not worn. On the other hand, if you prefer a deep lustrous finish that is reminiscent of jet or mourning jewelry you can "shine" the work by using an oil or thick hand cream of your choice. We recommend raw coconut oil.

This item is handmade, so there may be up to 6 weeks of lead time.
Please make your purchase carefully as this item cannot be returned. Read our return policy here.

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