Loop Golden Bracelet


$ 180.00

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Our Gold Antenna collection is inspired by the nature of electromagnetic wave interactions. The dominant, circular shape of the pieces relates to the form of the loop antenna. Its size varies depending on the length of the waves it wants to receive. The minimalistic, elegant and graphic design symbolizes the purity of the physical world and its abstract ideas. Simplicity and clarity in design are the most desirable and at the same time the most di cult things to achieve. As we believe in their unquestionable value and want to integrate them in our every day life, we have decided to set up our own jewelry line. It responds to our need to have beautiful, meaningful and unostentatious pieces that add to and manifest our minimalist approach to style. The concept lies somewhere in between nature and engineering understood as employing physical forces for human goals. We observe the material world and try to abstract the essence of it in the form of necklaces, rings and earrings. Our aim is to reduce anything that is a surplus and stay with the clear, graphic and evocative lines. The appeal of the pieces comes from the ascetic poetry of the form and careful re ection in the process design.

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