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Tiro Tiro is a small line of jewelry and art objects designed by Teresa Robinson. Informed by traditional craft practices and 15 years of jewelry-making experience, we design enduring, covetable pieces for everyday use and enjoyment. We believe in the power of beautiful objects to inspire, delight and bring joy to the beholder, and aim to make work that does just that.
Circle Slash Studs

From $ 75.00

Dimi Earrings

$ 120.00

Juxta Earrings

From $ 78.00

Luz Studs

From $ 42.00

Occa Bracelet

$ 178.00

Ojo Earrings

From $ 78.00

Porta Necklace

$ 205.00

Porta Ring

From $ 52.00

Radian Earrings

From $ 112.00