Chimera #3 Brooch

Material Immaterial Studio

$ 117.00

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Architectural forms, textures, and materials, the modulation of light, shade, and color, all combine to inject a spirit that articulates space. This construct filled with architectural elements that defy gravity and the natural laws of space force the viewer to perceive reality in new ways - A Paradox. A Chimera. The collection is created by architectural elements coming together to form illusory perspectives, a sensory mirage of spaces for the mind, defining a new paradigm in design. The idea is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain association of forms, the omnipotence of dreams and the undirected play of thought. These designs are available in the form of brooches and neckpieces. These intricately crafted pieces make for excellent conversation starters which will kindle everlasting memorable moments.  

Gray Concrete and brass

50mmW x55mmD x10mmH

Please make your purchase carefully as this item cannot be returned. Read our return policy here.

Material: MIM studio uses a high density, high performance custom concrete mix, which is resistant to weathering. As concrete is a composite material, each piece will be slightly different in terms of color and texture and pores. Also, over time, concrete products will undergo slight efflorescence . This natural occurrence can be mitigated by frequent use. Furthermore, concrete items do become darker as they interact with moisture and air. MIM uses Sterling silver (925 Grade) for all their jewelry.

Care: Avoid storing products in humid or wet environments since water will penetrate the pores of the concrete and stain. Although they use dense mix concrete, chipping is possible if dropped or when the product makes contact with certain hard surfaces. To avoid chipping please handle the product with care and place them on soft surfaces. Concrete items do not require any special maintenance. Dry dusting if required with clean fibre cloth or a soft brush. Silver may oxidize over time, so necessary care needs to be taken.

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